Shih Tzu - Missing Wallet

Mount Laurel, New Jersey 0 comments

I Ordered a Shih Tzu Tote and a Shih wallet.The Tote I recieved but I have not recieved the wallet.I also can't get any Info on said wallet.I am very upset seeing that I am a very good customer of Bradford's.At least I was,I will not continue to order from a company that screws up this much.The Tote I recieved on Feb 27 I try to call and talk to a representive but I never get through.That and the fact the automated system seems to be all screwed up.Fix it and send me my Wallet which is already paid for.

Shih Tzu - Rip Off's & Morons

Seattle, Washington 0 comments

I purchased Two walking dog sets for two different Shih tzu's.One for me & my girlfriend's Shih tzu and one for her parent's Shih tzu.The collar are too big on both!!We no longer possess the orginal packaging they insist you return it in.My complaint/question is,are they guessing the size of the dog's neck?

At any rate I will never order from these people again!

In closing a little bit of advise,Don't Inbreed!.You and people(and I use that term loosely) are a Big reason this country sucks.Steve

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